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The CorriBear Luminescence:...

HStep into Enchantment

Transform any space into an illuminated landscape of vibrant beauty with our CorriBear Luminescence Night Light Projection. This 3D glass light brings a mesmerizing array of colors to life with a projection of sparkling fireworks. Create a unique atmosphere of wonder and enchantment in seconds with the flip of a switch, and let the warmth of our light captivate your senses. Elevate your living room or bedroom into a realm of luxurious luminescence and experience the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Set the Scene, Your Way

The CorriBear Luminescence 3D Fireworks Bear Night Light Projection adds a special touch to any atmosphere. Create a vibrant burst of color for a lively setting, or a subtle, cozy glow for a relaxed vibe. Easily adjust the light intensity with a sophisticated dimming function. With this dynamic luminary, your living room or bedroom becomes a customizable experience designed to fit your needs. Enjoy personalized ambiance with a touch of sophistication, and bring your imagination to life.


Transform your living space with the CorriBear 

The Celestial Bear Luminary. Our 3D Fireworks Bear Night Light Projection is more than a source of light—it's a stylish statement in design. The charming bear and mesmerizing glass fireworks effect add a chic and contemporary touch to your living room. Elevate your ordinary moments into extraordinary memories: integrate function with flair and create a sophisticated atmosphere of harmony. Let style and sophistication light up your space!"

Escape to Serenity

 Let the intricate glass fireworks create a soothing and calming atmosphere that envelops your bedroom with tranquility. Enjoy the convenience of USB-powered control and dimming settings for a customized ambiance ideal for peaceful sleep. Transform your space into an inviting sanctuary of style and serenity – a comforting oasis to drift away into dreamy nights.

Seamless Elegance, Every Room

The CorriBear creates a beautiful ambiance in any room of your home. Its sophisticated and alluring design perfectly accents your living room with vibrant colors, or your bedroom with a peaceful atmosphere. The 3D glass fireworks display mesmerizes with its every movement, making it ideal for adding an elegant touch to any space, seamlessly blending style and charm."


  • Body Material: glass
  • Is Smart Device: no
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Is Batteries Included: No
  • Item Type: Night Lights
  • Light Source: Fluorescent
  • Name: The CorriBear
  • Feature1: Fireworks Projector Night Light
  • Feature2: LED Night Light
  • Charging Mode: Usb Plug In
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